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Hello, My Name is Momen Medhat

 I Love Challenges Since I was young , that's why I studied in the Faculty of Engineering and became a Communications Engineer, but I quickly realized that this job will not let me achieve what I want in life ..
I love freedom, and for me it means working from anywhere, anytime, and achieving a positive return far greater than my needs to have the life I desire..

In fact, My whole life has changed in the last 5 years.
I was able to go from being literally BROKE UnEmployed Engineer, with $0 in my bank account…
 To be an Entrepreneur making hundreds of thousands of dollars at the age of 28.

Only from Online Trading in the Financial Markets, using only my laptop and the Internet!

But, Most importantly,
I Established the first company providing real online trading services in the financial markets
"W2M Trading"
And I helped more than 5,000 people to make profits from this field!

I remember just a few short years ago,

> Saying ‘NO’ to a lot of fun and many things I wanted to do with my friends.
> Trying to make profits quickly without any experience which made me loss all my capital.
> Making my first $40,000 from online trading in only 12 months !.
> Gradually increase my capital without risking it.
> Staying up late and working for more than 16 continuous hours a day for months to provide all professional services.
> Building and training the company team professionally so they be able to provide professional services.
>Focusing on building the team without any profit coming in.

And the one that really hurt was,
> Going completely broke, drowning in bills, almost bankrupt

I was sure that there is a solution.. and the solution will be in the Online Trading.
If I was somehow able to find the system with which I can gradually increase my capital without risking it and make good profits at the same time .. then I will be able to get out of this situation!

The problem was I had no idea how to do that!

And then…

I remember it like it was yesterday,
I was able to make a Trading System, which achieved more than 30% of my capital within a month!
I was standing still, I can't believe that this happened.

This percentage is very high.. There are businesses work for an entire year to achieve this percentage
But as long as I was able to achieve it once, I will certainly be able to achieve it again and again only if I applied the same system.

And I went from “Believing” it could be done,
To “Absolutely Knowing” it could be done,
Because...I JUST DID IT!

Fast forward to today and in the last year alone,
I have been able to make great profits , hundreds of thousands of Dollars !
HUGE companies in Online Trading field like IQ Option , INFINOX , Pocket Option , One Royal , XM , Olymp Trade , Expert Option , Quotex , Evest , KuCoin , ByBit , Easy Markets and countless others , have reached me personally to be an Exclusive Partner for them in the middle east and help them provide the best trading services in online trading for their clients.

And I won awards for the best educational content provider in online trading in the Arab world from One Royal on 2021 and INFINOX on 2022.

And, most importantly,

I positively impacted 1000s of my clients who've sent me their documented results, which they achieved in online trading..

All because of the power of Online Trading and Investing in the Financial Markets.

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